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Partner with White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting to boost rental profit on your York property and achieve your real estate investment goals!

Ensure High ROI on Your York Investment with Us

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We specialize in managing rental properties with extreme dedication and care. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an established investor, we provide a more personalized approach and client-centric services to ensure maximum ROI on your investment.

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End-to-End Property Management

Experience hassle-free property management with our comprehensive services. From tenant screening to maintenance, we handle it all so you can enjoy passive income without stress.

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Effective Tenant Screening

Secure the right tenants for your property. Our rigorous screening process ensures reliable and responsible occupants, reducing risks and maximizing your investment’s potential.

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Free Consultation Services

Get expert advice on property management. Our consultation services are designed to provide you with insights and strategies that align with your goals, all at no cost to you.

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Efficient Tenant Placement

Minimize vacancies with our swift and efficient tenant placement services. We work to quickly fill your property with trustworthy tenants, optimizing your rental income.

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Customized Property Management

Your property is unique, and so are your management needs. Our tailored solutions address your specific requirements, ensuring that your investment is managed in the way that suits you best.

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Property Buying & Selling Services

Looking to buy or sell? Trust our dedicated team to assist you in every step. We offer expert guidance, market insights, and a seamless experience for all your real estate transactions.

Looking to Rent?

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Services We Provide

White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting is renowned for its dependable services, commitment to honesty, and strong professional ethics. Placing client satisfaction as our top priority, we offer an extensive range of services that simplify the process of rental management.

Strategic Marketing & Listing

In a competitive real estate market like York, getting your property noticed is essential to success. Our marketing strategies are designed to give your property the spotlight it deserves.

We employ a multifaceted approach, combining captivating descriptions, high-quality imagery, and targeted online and offline marketing campaigns.

Our listings highlight your property’s unique features and benefits that capture the attention of potential tenants or buyers and create a lasting impression.

Our goal is to ensure that your property stands out in the crowd, ultimately leading to quicker occupancy or sale.

Scheduled Property Showings

Convenience and professionalism go hand in hand with our scheduled property showings. We understand the challenges of coordinating property viewings, which is why we take care of the scheduling for you. Prospective tenants or buyers can easily book a viewing at their convenience, and our team ensures that each showing is well-organized and guided.

This not only saves you time but also enhances the viewing experience for potential occupants. With our expertise, property tours become a seamless process, increasing the likelihood of attracting the right individuals.


Compliant Lease Agreements

Lease agreements are the cornerstone of a successful landlord-tenant relationship. We craft compliant lease agreements that protect your interests and help you adhere to local regulations.

Our team of experts ensures that every crucial detail is covered, from rent terms and security deposits to maintenance responsibilities and pet policies.

With our clear and comprehensive lease agreements, you can prevent disputes and lay the foundation for a transparent and harmonious long-term tenancy. Trust us to handle the legalities while you focus on reaping the rewards of your investment.

Rental Search Services

Whether you’re an investor in search of the perfect property in York or a tenant on the lookout for your next home, we’re here to assist you. White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting provides dedicated rental search services, ensuring you discover the ideal rental in sought-after areas like York, Westshore, Dillsburg, and across counties including, Cumberland, Adams, Dauphin, Northumberland, Perry, Mifflin, Juniata, and Lancaster. Our extensive network extends to key players in York’s real estate scene and neighboring cities, enabling us to guide you seamlessly toward the right residence that aligns with your specific preferences.

Local Contracting Services

White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting is dedicated to the comprehensive care of rentals. We collaborate with homeowners, enlightening them about the essential enhancements needed to attain competitive rents in the market. We take charge of renovation, remodeling, and reconstruction initiatives for your rental properties. With our professional vision and diligent supervision, we handle projects right from the start until they’re finished, making sure they’re done well and achieve the desired results. Our skilled team is also good at figuring out how much things will cost for any remodeling work you want to do.

Growth-Focused Investment Strategies

Every service we offer is firmly rooted in the fundamental principles of honesty, integrity, and accountability. Our primary goal in assisting clients with their property management needs is to catalyze and accelerate the growth of their investments. With this objective in mind, we harness the collective power of our services and the proficiency of our team to aid clients in realizing swift and substantial progress. Through the implementation of meticulously crafted, performance-driven strategies, we guide clients toward the achievement of their goals, ensuring that growth remains a constant and tangible outcome.

Free Rental Analysis

Trying to decide how much to charge for your rental without considering important factors like location, features, market trends, and local rents is like throwing darts blindfolded. But worry not, we’ve got a solution to make things crystal clear! Our effective rental analysis process takes the guesswork out of pricing.

Say goodbye to those pretty but pointless reports. Here at White Chestnut Property Management, We understand the distinction between appearance and performance, and our focus is squarely on performance – helping you maximize your rental property’s income potential.

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“I have worked with Chris Wyman of White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting for the past few years and have been extremely satisfied with the work he does for my properties and for the level of expertise he has brought to my team. I would not have been able to grow my portfolio as quickly as I have without his skilled analysis and local market knowledge. As anyone investing out-of-state knows, creating a team of top talent is critical for success. Chris has been the central hub that has connected me with all of the best local vendors (contractors, lenders, agents, etc.). Chris has consistently been able to bring my value-add projects to their full market potential and ROI. I recommend that anyone who is serious about using real estate as an investment vehicle reach out to Chris and his team at White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting.”

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