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Our team at White Chestnut provides professional and thoughtful management services for manufactured homes in Dillsburg and surrounding areas in York County. Our goal is to accrue stable and lasting incomes for owners and investors like you. Saving you time, cost, and peace of mind, ensuring your investments are being taken care of.

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Manufactured Home Property Management That Makes A Difference

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Effective Communication

Strong relationships between property managers and clients are built on effective communication; we consider it a top priority. Our commitment to you goes beyond regular office hours—we are available 24/7. We understand that a lack of communication leads to confusion and disorder. That’s why we maintain transparency throughout the entire management process. Get ready to experience the power of open communication, where clarity reigns, and success follows suit.

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Accurate Research

Keeping up with local and state rental laws can be overwhelming. This is why we have a team explicitly researching all rules and regulations for investment properties, specifcially manufactured homes. This helps us keep everything in check, from rental listings and marketing to adhering to laws. Updated research also ensures we always provide accurate, comprehensive consultations and professional management services.

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Financial Stability and Structure

The end goal of every investor is to get the growing financial stability that comes with owning a rental property and an increase in your return on investment. Your plan aligns with our purpose. We provide full-service manufactured home property management and ensure quality tenants are placed in your property. We also present detailed routine reports of the finances and operations of your manufactured home.

Manufactured Homes Property Management with a Personalized Approach

Meticulous Maintenance

When it comes to details and cleanliness, we leave no stone unturned. We understand that well-maintained properties are magnets for sophisticated tenants. Our team is dedicated to meticulously maintaining manufactured homes and beautifully manicured landscapes.

Innovative Marketing

We create compelling and powerful marketing strategies that attract tenants effectively. We make use of social media, local listing sites, and offline platforms to promote your homes. In turn, you get lower vacancies, balanced tenant turnovers and significant earnings.


Thorough Tenant Screening

When you screen tenants on a personal level, sometimes you miss some information, or other times you get incomplete or false information. With our tenant screening process, you won’t face any such problem and will only get quality tenants.

Expert in Tenant-landlord Laws

The tenant-landlord laws are punctilious, and recklessness can lead to punishment or solid compensation. To avoid this, we keep you updated on the applicable laws and amendments, if any. We specialized in-laws and drafted the leases and related paperwork accordingly.

Experienced Managers

Our team of property managers is proficient and talented in assisting clients. They work effortlessly, from researching about the market situations and crises to handing the manufactured home to the most qualified tenants.

Your Campanion in Town

Suppose you are an investor who knows little about the local area. In that case, we are your companion in the area as we have our grounds in the regions and the neighborhood to operate on your behalf and get knowledge of the community.

End-to-End Secured Systems

Our billing and rental systems are fully secured. Before the tenant settles in the rental, we double the property for any electronic damage or accumulating hazards and fix them actively. If the manufactured home is secured, tenants feel free to explore the houses.

Client-Focused Approach

We want the best for you, from the maintenance to the tenants, so all our efforts are focused on providing you with the optimum. We will go to extra lengths to make things work for you.

Free Rental Analysis

Setting a rental price for the manufactured home can be critical and analytical, resulting in errors and a decline in the tenants choosing your property.

We eliminate that possibility in rent pricing with our unique rent analysis process, which can help you accumulate better tenant turnover ratios and profitable and consistent incomes based on the location, amenities, market value and average rent in the neighborhood.

Say hello to the most understandable and informational reports.

At White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting, we know the difference between form and function, and we are all about the function of making you money from your rental property.

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“My wife and I have been landlords for over thirty years: For years we have trusted and relied on Chris for property management issues and concerns. He is very diligent and eager. He frequently supplies advice on issues that are extremely helpful and forward-thinking.”

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