Remarkable General Contracting Services

Our team provides high-quality general contracting services to our clients who require assistance with construction projects. We oversee the project from end-to-end, ensuring a stress-free, hands-odd experience for the owners.


Do You Ensure Safety and Reliability?

Yes. The safety of your potential tenants and all the people associated with your renovation and remodeling projects is our top priority. We ensure that we only choose licensed and certified contractors, subcontractors, and labor personnel to enhance the safety of your project. We also encourage reliability by utilizing our network of suppliers and getting high-quality products and raw materials for your project.
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What Types of Construction Projects Do You Undertake?

As a part of our general contracting services, we at White Chestnut Property Management are currently undertaking remodeling and renovation projects. We realize the need to rework your Dillsburg investment property to appeal to newer tenants and secure increased income in the long run.
Whatever your vision is, we undertake the project and oversee its completion. If you are interested in getting a construction project done with us, share your project details by contacting us.

What is Your Scheduling Process?

Scheduling a construction project is a multi-step task that requires collaboration with workers from every different area. We start our scheduling process by listing out our tools and resources. Then we make a list of individual tasks to be completed and assign duration and deadline for each. We then assign each task to a department or workers and execute them. As our staff works on your project, our supervisors ensure that they are following the guidelines and competing it on time.

Are Your Contracting Services Cost Effective?

We have a large network of professionals in the contracting industry, including contractors and suppliers. These professionals provide us with the required material and services at an effective cost according to their plan. This makes it easier for us at White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting to provide you with cost-effective general contracting services that can benefit your Dillsburg property.

How Many Projects Have You Worked With?

We are always looking for opportunities to work with Dillsburg property owners and help them elevate their rental by executing their remodeling or renovation processes. Since 2020, we have worked with __XX__ projects and have received positive feedback from our clients. Check our customer reviews for more details!

What is Your Selection Process for Contractors and Suppliers?

We have a wide network of construction professionals, suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors who are always eager to collaborate with us. While onboarding new professionals from these fields, we ensure that they are certified to do construction jobs. We check their past references, their history, areas in which they specialize, reviews from previous clients and the required licenses.

Our General Contracting Services

Construction Scheduling

If you have a plan ready and know how you want your remodeling project to be, we can help you complete the project at the earliest. We schedule the construction according to plan and ensure every step gets done on time!

Project Management

We oversee and manage projects so you get a high-quality and budget-friendly renovation that gets completed on time. Our managers at White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting will always provide you with complete assistance regarding any project-related query you have. We provide all services from contractors at a cost-effective rate so you don’t go over budget.

Project Budgeting and Estimating

Planning and estimating the budget of a renovation project can be a challenging task. With our expert staff at White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, you can get a comprehensive budget and a proper estimate of total cost, considering all your requirements. Our professionals know the current rate of contractors, raw materials and workers which they factor while providing you with the budget.

Home Renovation Services

As a Dillsburg property owner, you may want your property to stand out from the rest in the market. You can do this by renovating or remodeling it to accommodate more features that can appeal to your potential renters. White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting provides you with trustworthy home renovation services that focus on accomplishing your vision for your property.

Expert Contractors and Suppliers

We have a wide network of contractors and suppliers who can charge you a fair rate for their services and the material required for your project. We establish partnerships with them based on mutual trust and respect and ensure that they are qualified, certified and licensed to undertake construction projects.

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Do you want to renovate your Dillsburg property? Do you have any projects that require expert management and supervision? We can help you.

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