Strategically Marketing and Listing Your Dillsburg Rental Home

There’s no reason for your Dillsburg rental home to be vacant. We’ll avoid the expenses that come with an unoccupied investment by marketing your property aggressively and listing it on multiple websites and social media platforms for maximum exposure.
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Leverage our Listings: Earn Better Rents and Attract Better Tenants with Our Dillsburg Marketing Strategies

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Professional-Level Photos

High-quality photos are important for online rental listings. This is the first impression that prospective tenants get when they’re scrolling through your listing.

We understand their short attention span and we appreciate the fact that they’ll view the photos before they read a word of the listing.

The photos we offer with your listing are fantastic. We focus on lighting, angles, and all the small details that create an immediate connection to your property.

Our photos stand out. Your property will, too.

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Rental Property Descriptions

With lots of pictures ready to tell a story about your rental property in Dillsburg, we’ll fill in the rest with our words.

The rental property descriptions we write for your listing are concise but full of necessary information. It’s a balancing act; we know tenants aren’t going to ready pages. But we want them to know how many bedrooms they can expect, what the rental amount is, and whether we accept pets.

With attention-grabbing headers, the right word count, and all of the relevant information that’s needed about your property, we can count on a lot of interest from prospective tenants.

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Popular Rental Websites

We often get asked where we post your listing and the answer is pretty simple: everywhere.

We start with our own website, which gets plenty of traffic from tenants looking for homes.

We also syndicate your listing onto all the popular rental websites that tenants are using. We can do this quickly and efficiently without any prohibitive costs to you, thanks to the technology we’ve invested in. Your property will show up everywhere that tenants are looking, and we’ll leverage social media platforms as well.

Bringing Together Technology and Relationships to Move from Listing to Leasing

Profitable Pricing

The right rental price impacts the marketing of your home. We make sure your rental value is accurate, competitive, and profitable.

Preparing Your Property

Great tenants are looking for great properties. We’ll attract the best by providing the best. Ask us about recommended upgrades and updates.

Fair Housing Language

We understand and comply with all fair housing laws when marketing your property. Our language is intentional and correct.


Let’s not give tenants a reason to look elsewhere for their next home. We respond right away to calls, texts, and messages. Our follow-up is fast and effective.

Data Analytics

Another reason we invest in great technology is that we want to know when our listing is working or needs to be adjusted. We evaluate clicks, likes, shares, and contacts.


Scheduling a showing isn’t always easy – unless you’re working with White Chestnut. Our team is quick to schedule a viewing that’s convenient to tenants and their needs.


After the showing, we often get requests for an application. We provide an easy online application for residents, where they can upload all of their information and submit it for screening.

Lease Signing

Once a tenant is approved, we make plans to sign the lease, collect the move-in funds, and choose a move-in date. Effective marketing. Solid listings. Fast leasing.

You Need a Free Rental Analysis.
White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting Can Provide It.

The local Dillsburg rental market drives the price you’ll attach to your rental property. There’s not much you can control when we talk about market factors like competition and inflation. What you can control, however, is property condition. When we establish the right rental price for your property, we’re considering the market and your home’s condition. We’re also looking at location, amenities, and what the average rents are around you.

There’s no need for guesswork or intuition. We use data, analytics, and insights. We use the years of experience we have renting out homes in the Dillsburg market.

At White Chestnut Property Management, we know the difference between form and function and we are all about the function of making you money from your rental property.

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What You Need to Know about Dillsburg, PA

What’s your favorite pickle, and why is it the dill?

We have a particular fondness for dill pickles because we live, work, and serve a community that is known for being the birthplace of the dill pickle.

Take a crunchy bite out of these facts:

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Legend has it Ms. Dillburg started making dill pickles right here many moons ago.

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Dillsburg drops a dill pickle during the countdown every New Year’s Eve.

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Pickle Fest happens here every spring.
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A beloved pickle sculpture welcoming people to Dillsburg is found in the borough county building (it began to rot while in place outdoors).
Outside of these fun facts, Dillsburg, PA is a community-driven town that’s closely knit. People love living here because it’s pretty, safe, and full of recreational opportunities and entertainment.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate and you want a growing market with a reliable pool of tenants – come visit Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

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“My wife and I have been landlords for over thirty years: For years we have trusted and relied on Chris for property management issues and concerns. He is very diligent and eager. He frequently supplies advice on issues that are extremely helpful and forward-thinking.”

Douglas M. and Laura B. Cameron

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