About White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting

Every property management company under the sun offers full-service rental management. With us, you get so much more.

White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting offers peace of mind. Whatever you expect from your Dillsburg property, we can help you achieve that and more with our streamlined strategies.

We are engineers, who go about the property management business methodically, with great precision. For us, the end goal is ensuring that you tap into the maximum potential of the property, whether we do it for you, or we consult you for doing the same.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a property investor, or an experienced apartment owner, we provide the best client-focused services for your property and deliver consistent results.

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About Our Founder

Our Founder, Chris Wyman, started White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting with a vision to provide property management services guided by principles. With his experience working with multiple brokers, he noticed the need for honesty and integrity in the field.  

 His emphasis on service directly resulted from his time in the United States Air Force. He also has a background in electrical engineering, which enables him to look at the technical aspects of our services and aids in daily operations. His operational prowess, organizational skills and efficiency are also influenced by his work in military engineering.

During his service, he was also active in property management, which significantly helped him expand his knowledge. Chris is vocal about neurodivergence in leadership and how it can be beneficial once you learn to master it.

At White Chestnut Property, Chris ensures that all operations and services remain value-based. He values doing the right thing and helping property owners achieve the best results with values of

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Excellence

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Property Management for All Types

At White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, we manage all types of properties in Dillsburg and Westshore, including single-family homes, agricultural properties, multi-family units, and commercial places.

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In-Depth Real Estate Expertise

We have an extensive background working in real estate, having worked with 50+ brokers and licensed in 32 states and 22 countries. Our knowledge of the local rental market and ability to discover potential rental trends enable us to offer a unique management experience.

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We Protect Your Investment

Once you sign up with White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, we are accountable for protecting your property. From finding trustworthy tenants to ensuring that they protect the integrity of your rental, we do everything to protect your investment.

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Opportunities For Out-of-State Investors

Whether you live in Dillsburg, a surrounding area, or a completely different state, we provide complete property management services that show results. To ensure that you know your property is in good hands, we provide regular updates and detailed reports that track the ROI of the property.

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Network of Licensed Professionals

For your repair and maintenance requirements, we only hire the best, most professional, high-quality contractors who hold the necessary licenses and certifications.

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We Help You Find The Right Renter

Uncertain about the type of property to invest in? We can help! Determine which property can be a profitable investment for you with our detailed rental analysis. We use our knowledge of the local market and put our property manager network to work to find the right renter for you. 

“I have worked with Chris Wyman of White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting for the past few years and have been extremely satisfied with the work he does for my properties and for the level of expertise he has brought to my team. I would not have been able to grow my portfolio as quickly as I have without his skilled analysis and local market knowledge. As anyone investing out-of-state knows, creating a team of top talent is critical for success. Chris has been the central hub that has connected me with all of the best local vendors (contractors, lenders, agents, etc.). Chris has consistently been able to bring my value-add projects to their full market potential and ROI. I recommend that anyone who is serious about using real estate as an investment vehicle reach out to Chris and his team at White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting.”

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