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Get the most out of your Dillsburg rental property by choosing the right property management company and consultants who can maximize your investment.

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White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting is a full-service property management company specializing in improving rental ROI, minimizing expenses and maximizing profits for homeowners and investors in York County. We work, so you don’t have to fret over managing your property!

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Full-Service Property Management

We help our clients with every property management-related task, including maintenance, rent negotiations, repairs, accounting, and consulting.

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Top-Notch Customer Service

Our motto is – service over self. At White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, we make it a point to offer reliable customer service without compromising on results.

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Client-focused Services

Your property is unique, as are your expectations from it. So, we tailor all our services to your specific requirements, with integrity and transparency as our core values.

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Comprehensive Maintenance

A rental’s market value is directly tied to its appearance and amenities. We conduct regular and comprehensive maintenance to ensure that your property is always in its best shape.

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High Performance Standards

We take our tasks as property managers very seriously. At White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, we go the extra mile to ensure consistent performance and steady gains, adhering to high performance standards.

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Looking to buy a property or rent one in Dillsburg? We can help! We specialize in both landlord and renter services.

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Services We Provide

White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting is renowned for its reliable services, honesty, and professional integrity. We put client satisfaction front and center, with our comprehensive list of client services that make rental management a breeze.


Property Management Services

The primary goal of White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting is to help clients earn maximum income from their rental properties. We do this effectively with our tried and tested property management strategies. Once you entrust your property to us, we manage its day-to-day activities and look after your renters at all times. In addition, our team communicates every small detail to you to keep you in the loop.

Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients’ needs and help them make their investment vision a reality. With our extensive market research, we also make recommendations that can help your investment grow in the long run.

Consulting Services

The success of your investment property is imperative to us. During our initial meetings, we discuss and understand all your property management needs and requirements. Our consulting services are based on the principle of equal collaboration between you and our team to ensure that your Dillsburg property performs well. We conduct a comprehensive rental analysis to help you set a competitive rent rate. We can also review your financials and suggest room for improvement so you know which areas to focus on as the property owner.

Maintenance Services

Consistent preventative maintenance is the secret to an attractive rent-ready property. White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting provides around-the-clock property maintenance services to increase your peace of mind as investors and owners. Our accountable and reliable team of maintenance personnel ensures that they give proper care and attention to every aspect of your Dillsburg rental. We undertake preventative maintenance to eliminate future repair issues. Besides, our network of licensed maintenance professionals is just a call away, in case of emergencies to provide maintenance excellence.


Rental Search Services

Whether you are an investor looking for the right Dillsburg property, or a tenant looking for your next home, we can help. With White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting offers rental search services to help you find the right rental in the Westshore, Dillsburg, or in counties like York, Cumberland, Adams, Dauphin, Northumberland, Perry, Mifflin, Juniata and Lancaster. We have extensive connections among the who’s who of real estate in Dillsburg and the surrounding cities, and can help you find the right place that meets your requirements.

Growth-Focused Investment Strategies

All our services are based on the core values of honesty, integrity, and accountability. Our aim in helping our clients manage their property is to help them escalate and grow their investment at a rapid pace. To this end, we use our services and the expertise of our staff and help clients achieve their vision by implementing high-performing and detail-oriented strategies that boost growth.

General Contracting Services

At White Chestnut Property Management and Consulting, maintaining a rental involves helping homeowners realize that their property requires some work to fetch a reasonable rent in the market. We can oversee the renovation, remodeling and reconstruction processes of your rentals. Under our expert vision and watchful eyes, we supervise projects and monitor their completion and resulting outcomes. Our stellar team can also help calculate the budget and estimate the cost of all remodeling projects.

Free Rental Analysis

Setting a rental price for your property without considering factors like its location, amenities, market value, and average rent in the neighborhood is like a shot in the dark. We eliminate the ambiguity in rent pricing with our unique rental analysis process, which can help you accurately price your rental and get consistent, profitable income.

Say goodbye to pretty reports that give zero information. At White Chestnut Property Management, we know the difference between form and function and we are all about the function of making you money from your rental property.

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“I have worked with Chris Wyman of White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting for the past few years and have been extremely satisfied with the work he does for my properties and for the level of expertise he has brought to my team. I would not have been able to grow my portfolio as quickly as I have without his skilled analysis and local market knowledge. As anyone investing out-of-state knows, creating a team of top talent is critical for success. Chris has been the central hub that has connected me with all of the best local vendors (contractors, lenders, agents, etc.). Chris has consistently been able to bring my value-add projects to their full market potential and ROI. I recommend that anyone who is serious about using real estate as an investment vehicle reach out to Chris and his team at White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting.”

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