Screening for Well-Qualified Tenants in York, PA

One of the best ways to predict the type of rental experience you’ll have is to take a look at your tenants. Can they be counted on to pay rent on time? Will they help take care of the property? Follow the terms of the lease agreement?

Tenant selection is extremely important. We know that, so we’re careful about who we choose for your York rental home. We want what you want: a resident who is easy to work with and willing to contribute to a positive rental experience. Our screening process makes it easy to find them.

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Screening tenants fairly, objectively,
and in compliance with all fair housing laws

Finding Better Tenants for Your York, PA Rental Property

There has to be more than a courtesy credit check in your tenant screening process. Let the experts at White Chestnut Property Management provide a process that reduces risk
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Getting to Know Your Prospective Tenants

Before we hand over the keys to one of your most valuable investments, we’re going to spend some time getting to know the tenants who want to live there. Our screening process is designed to identify the best possible residents. We have a set of standard criteria that’s applied objectively and consistently to every applicant, ensuring that all fair housing laws are followed and the end result is a well-qualified renter.
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Credit & Income

We’ll take a look at the amount of money that’s earned, to make sure it’s sufficient to cover the monthly rent. We’ll also check credit, looking for some indication that a prospective tenant knows how to handle debt and bills responsibly.
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Eviction and Criminal Checks

Our screening process includes a complete criminal background check as well as a look at national eviction records to ensure the tenant we place does not have a history of being evicted.
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Rental References

We’ll find out how a tenant has performed in the past, by talking to current and former landlords or property managers who can tell us whether rent was paid on time, the property was maintained, and the lease terms were followed.
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“Prior to our engagement with White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting, we were experiencing a longer than average tenant turnover cycle, rising expenses, and maintenance costs. Chris developed a comprehensive property management plan that reduced maintenance expenses, increased rents and equity, and tenant placement has been fast. What more could any investor want?”

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