Unparalleled Multi-family Apartment Management Services

We take pride in pre-eminent large multi-family apartment management services. There is no greater task than protecting the residents and cultivating a long-term relationship. We handle every aspect of apartment management carefully, ensuring that your property and residents are well cared for.

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Large Multi-family Apartment Management Services that Make a Difference

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Excel in large Multi-family Apartment Management

We provide full-service apartment management, catering to the needs of residents and property investors alike. These services include leasing, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, resident relations, financial management, and overall property operations. Our team oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring efficient property maintenance, resolving tenant concerns, enforcing lease agreements, and optimizing financial performance. Our goal is to create a desirable living environment, maximize occupancy rates, and enhance the overall value and profitability of multi-family property assets.

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Your Trusted Local Partner in Dillsburg

Individuals coming from around the world can’t find everything on computer screens. Due to our local presence, we ensure every property is assured of the standard and individual requirements. Our agents are on the ground to verify every apartment in person. We are your local companion who regularly confirms the potential problems with the building and the community and puts innovative solutions to them.

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Ensuring Transparency

White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting ensures complete transparency throughout the process. We highlight your amenities, like gyms, spas, cafes, clubhouses, pools, and so much more. Our rent and billing services are seamlessly user-friendly, and we work on balancing the ROI of your property. We understand your, and your tenant’s, love for convenience and comfortable amenities like no other.

Multi-family Apartment Management with a High-tech Approach


Accountable Property Managers

Our team of reliable and trustworthy managers does all the rental management tasks perfectly. They are up to date with the trends and market standards. They are proficient in everything from listing vacant multifamily apartments to filing taxes.

Effective Tenant Screening

We aim to reduce tenant turnover to zero and fill the vacancies swiftly with quality tenants. We have a professional tenant interviewing and screening process and a team of managers who dedicate all their efforts to usher in the prime tenants.

Technological Lucidity

The advancement in technology has assured intelligent living. We make your spaces the most livable and end-to-end secured. We also update new features like smart parcel locking units to save valuable items from theft and damage.

Advanced Security Features

With our enhanced security features and modern alternates, we keep replacing and inculcating outdated technology. Before introducing a tenant to the property, a detailed inspection of the safety alarms, fire safety equipment, and appliances and their electrical sources is conducted.

Felicitous Maintenance

Highlighting the amenities and features of the property feels like a big deal, but routine maintenance and cleaning services can achieve it for you. We also arrange preventive maintenance to remove any developing concerns requiring pricey repairs.

Cohesion to the Tenant-Landlord Laws

The laws in Pennsylvania are intricate and challenging to understand. We acknowledge the rules, abide by them for you, and safeguard the property from significant fines or penalties.
All the paperwork and leases are drafted in confirmation of the existing laws.

Tailored Marketing

We have a persuasive and unforgettable manner of marketing. We make the best use of social media, local listing platforms and offline channels.
Each and every large multi-family property is marketed as per the location, neighborhood and lifestyle of people, securing the maximum results and potential tenants.

Client-Oriented Perspective

At White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting, we believe in walking the extra mile for our client’s benefits and income advantages. Your satisfaction is our main goal. We believe in keeping a prolonged and lasting relationship with our clients.

Free Rental Analysis

Setting a rental’s price without getting a detailed analysis can be speculation and bring undervalue or loss to your rental property.

We eliminate that enigma in rent pricing with our unique rent analysis process, which can help you accumulate better NOI and profitable and consistent incomes based on the location, amenities, market value and average rent in the neighborhood.

Say hello to understandable and informational reports.

At White Chestnut Property Management & Consulting, we know the difference between form and function, and we are all about the function of making you money from your rental property.

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“My wife and I have been landlords for over thirty years: For years we have trusted and relied on Chris for property management issues and concerns. He is very diligent and eager. He frequently supplies advice on issues that are extremely helpful and forward-thinking.”

Douglas M. and Laura B. Cameron

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